Designer Skin 2016 Miss Designer Bronzer Lotion

I am being completely serious when I say this is the BEST bronzer lotion you will use. Keep on reading! 


Miss Designer is a 55x Mega Bronzer with Triple Bronzing Boost + Glam Guardian, Illustrious Silicone with Fit Figure Contour Technology

You're probably thinking, "What does that even mean?" 

Here is an excerpt from the Fact Sheet: 

– Signature 55X Mega Bronzer is Designer Skin’s darkest combination of immediate bronzers with DS ProBronze Extend™ for beautifully balanced color that will continue to develop hours after tanning 

– Triple Bronzing Boost™ provides skin with instant cosmetic color that can deepen during and after tanning for the most drastic immediate results possible 

– Glam Guardian™ helps set bronzers on the skin in place and can make them less likely to transfer 

– Illustrious Silicone™ Tanning Serum has a velvety and light weight feel to ensure optimal bronzer bendability during application, while working to prevent dehydration for supple skin 

– Fit Figure™ Contour Technology provides a soft focus effect to help visibly improve skin’s texture from every angle 

Now to go a bit more in-depth:

   The bronzers are extremely powerful, and in a good way! I had no orange cast to my skin, it was purely brown. The DHA content is high, and so is the Erythrulose. Even though I am not a huge fan of Eyrthrulose, the only exception I make is when it is in UV tanning lotions. The natural skin pigmentation from melanogenesis compliments the self-tanning components of the lotion, making the color more suitable for the tanner. The color boost from this combination of cosmetic and DHA/Erythrulose bronzers is out of this world! 

   Since this is a silicone-based lotion, it will feel very silky on the skin. Also, silicone is a skin protectant, it "locks in" whatever is applied to the skin. In this case, it would be sealing the bronzers and skincare components of the lotion to prolong color and skin conditioning agents for ultimate color payoff. Contrary to popular, misguided belief, cosmetic-grade silicones do not clog pores! The molecular structure is too large to penetrate pores on the human skin. It is considered "breathable" since the gaps between molecules allow room for air and other ingredients pass through. 

   My favorite part of this lotion is the fact you have NO after tan odor! The fragrance is Sparkling Pear, and it smells divine! Many lotions containing DHA will have a strange scent after they oxidize on the skin. This reaction is called the Maillard reaction, a non-enzymatic browning, which occurs between amino acids and sugars on the skin. DHA is a sugar-derrived chemical, and your skin is made of keratin protein, proteins contain amino acids. SO that being said, that is how the "browning" occurs on your skin! Sulfur dioxide is released, along with other compounds, giving you that strange beef ramen noodle scent (no, I'm not kidding). I cannot put in words how ecstatic I am that Miss Designer prevents such a thing and gives a long lasting color! 


   Look no further for a bronzer, this is the end all be all!