Dangers Of Cheap Makeup And "Pros" Who Use It

Yes, 88 Color Eyeshadow Palettes and 10 Color Blush Palettes are too good to be true...

    We have all seen those massive 88 eyeshadow palettes, blush palettes, and foundation palettes  sold by many companies, such as BH Cosmetics and Coastal Scents, and think WOW! All of those colors for under $20? Who would pass that up?! Aside from the no-name palettes, there are counterfeit products that you can buy as well, like knock-off MAC, Benefit, Lancome, Urban Decay and many more name-brand products. 



   The harsh reality of these palettes and other makeup that is extremely cheap, and manufactured in China, is simply based off the fact that there are no safety regulations. These products are seized by Homeland Security in the USA, and authorities in the UK, typically for counterfeit due to the dangers of the products and copyright infringement.

   There has been numerous tests done on a wide range of these unregulated cosmetics and it shows that all are tainted. These tests done find rat droppings, human urine, high levels of carcinogens such as arsenic, mercury, copper, cadmium and lead. My favorite example is finding nail polish remover and paint stripper in fake liquid eyeliners and mascara! Majority of people who use a product for the first time will experience adverse reactions due to these ingredients and bacterial contamination from biological waste. 

   Keep in mind this is common knowledge and has been an issue for a very long time, yet I still see "professionals" using these palettes and products in their kits. Personally, when you are in my chair and you are my client, your health and safety is my number one priority. It is a huge red flag to me that any artist would subject such dangerous products on their clientele to save a quick buck. Aside from a liability issue, you can seriously hurt a person and endanger their health. 

   This goes to show the phrase "you get what you pay for" is most definitely true. You can pay $30 for makeup done by a "professional" who uses these dangerous products on you and have a high risk of adverse reaction OR you can pay $150 for a real professional to use safe and effective products on you that will not put you in danger. People will argue that these palettes do not show immediate signs of reaction, but repeated exposure over time is detrimental to your clients health, as well as your own since you are applying said product. 

   So the next time you are shopping for makeup online, in the mall, or looking for an artist for makeup, remember you get what you pay for. Is your health worth saving $10 on eyeshadow and blush?