Pro Kit: Affordable & Reliable Hair Tools


BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Curling Irons

3/4" Marcel 

3/4" Marcel 

   These irons are the best! Smooth barrel, up to 450° with Turbo Boost, fast cool down time, and comes in so many styles and sizes. I have never had one fail me yet, so this is truly a workhorse. 


Tool Science Professional Digital Nano-Silver Flat Iron 1 1/4"

   The last 7+ years I have used this iron for myself and professionally, I've purchased 3 because I love them so much! None of them have died yet either. Whats great is how you can create curls, waves and straighten the hair with just this one iron. Yes, a lot of irons can do the same but this one glides smoothly and locks in the style. Highest temperature setting goes up to 450° within a minute or two, cools down relatively quick as well. You can buy these at Sally's for $52.99 with a pro card! 


BaByliss PRO Ferarri Volare V1 Full-Size Blowdryer 

   I get emotional talking about how insane this dryer is. There is no other dryer I have tried that compares to the performance of the Volare V1. Just read about the Ferarri-designed motor:

V12 engine: A 12-bar rotor system offers smooth run and high torque for superior engine performance. Powers both the full-size V1 and mid-size V2 Volare dryers. World's first ball-bearing blow dryer engine: Sealed ball bearings significantly reduce friction and vibration for smoother, high-performance operation. Extended engine brushes: Provide up to 300% longer life than that of typical dryer motors. 15mm stack Ferrari engine: Produces more torque and less disruption of air to produce greater air pressure and stronger airflow. Precision insert-molded construction: Improves rotor stability and, in combination with ball-bearing design, results in a higher performance engine. Turbo power: Increases air pressure up to 15% for faster drying.

   If that doesn't convince you, I'm not sure what will! This dryer with an Ibiza brush = perfect blow out. Let's not forget how lightweight it is either! 


YS Park Combs


   YS Park has the best variety of combs and all of them are top quality! I absolutely adore them for cutting and I am a huge fan of their foil comb. Keep in mind that when you are ordering them, the color "Carbon" is actually CARBON, not just a color. The colored combs are very flexible whereas the carbon ones are extremely stiff and provide great tension. 

   These combs are like shears, they will be around forever (unless you destroy them!). I have many of these in many colors and they work great. Heat resistant, anti-static, and un-breakable. What more could you possibly want?! There is truly a style and size of comb for every possible situation you may need one for. That being said, I will only purchase YS Park combs for my kit. Its almost addicting using them!