Cream Colors: Le Maquillage Professionnel Fard Creme vs. Make Up For Ever Flash Color

   Many professional artists choose to work with cream-based products, especially foundations. When it comes times to color correct, make blush, highlighters etc. we will use cream colors to create the custom shade for our client(s). Cream foundations are so versatile in coverage, so having a good set of cream colors to correct with is a must. 

   The palette most commonly seen in many professional kits is the Make Up For Ever 12 Color Flash Palette. It contains all of your primary colors, a few secondary and intermediate, as well as 2 metallic colors. The MUFE is slightly "greasy" and has a good amount of slip, as well as a shiny finish. There has been some recent speculations of the newer flash formula of it being too greasy from the original, and I can agree with that 100% 

    Le Maquillage Professionnel (aka Maq Pro) makes an array of small 10 color palettes for just about everything. Maq Pro has been around for many years, and still is a professional favorite. The palette I opted for was the CRC 3 palette. It contains primary, secondary and intermediate colors. They do offer their "Flashy" palettes in 2 different shade options which are comparable to MUFE Flash Palette. Maq Pro has a lasting power of 12-15hrs when properly set! 

   When it comes to the size of the palettes, the Maq Pro takes up 1/3 of the space than the MUFE Flash Palette. Maq Pro is a slightly thicker wax, but it doesn't have a super shiny finish or greasy slip. Personally, I love the Maq Pro in the use of color correcting, making lipstick and blush shades, highlighting, contouring, etc... I do own both MUFE Flash Palettes and I keep them on hand for random tasks, usually more "editorial" makeup looks. Maq Pro requires less product for color payoff compared to the MUFE flash, which I catch myself using a lot of. 

   I find that Maq Pro blends better with RCMA foundations than MUFE Flash. Both are a natural wax base, which makes these products comparable. When I did use the MUFE to color correct RCMA, I noticed there was not much lasting power as the Maq Pro. It is extremely important to understand the ingredients in products you are using so you know what works with each other and what doesn't! 

   For the making of lip colors, cheek colors, highlights, contours etc. I love the Maq Pro once again. I've noticed that I can make a great lip color that won't go on too thin or splotchy with the Maq Pro, whereas MUFE takes so much product to give a smooth coverage on the lips. For any other application on the face, it barely takes any product to get the amount you need to perfectly enhance bone structure or give a beautiful flush to the cheeks. 

   Clearly Maq Pro takes the cake in this comparison! You can't argue with their extensive shade range and their custom color services! If you are interested in purchasing the Maq Pro palette in the picture, I bought mine from CRC. Here is the link: